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Name: Lambie
Age: 23
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True name: Trip
Given name: Shoot
Canon: Pokemon Best Wishes!
Canonpoint: Best Wishes! Season 2, after the Unova league

Personality: Trip is, at a glance, a quiet, level-headed Pokemon trainer, proud and prone to arrogance and snide remarks ("That's basic" seems to be his favourite way to end a mocking lecture), but eager to learn, desperate for acknowledgement, and quite inquisitive, endlessly searching for an answer to the nature of true strength and how to obtain it. He has a difficult-to-pin-down personality, experimental to the point it makes his true nature hard to grasp, often saying one thing and then doing something counter to it. He dresses in line with New York street fashion and is very much into photography, often found taking pictures to record his journey, but carries himself with a great deal of seriousness in battle and almost military pragmatism.

He is a soft contrast to Ash, not as stark as the rival who preceded him in the way that constantly sent them clashing with each other, so Trip's personality lends more easily to friendship and mutual understanding. Still, in the beginning, they were set apart quite distinctly: Trip is from Unova, the Pokemon world's New York, Ash is from Kanto (equivalent to the realworld Kanto region of Japan). Trip's refined (bordering on feminine) way of speaking is a quite polite and distinctly upper-class in clear contrast to Ash's somewhat accented, ruder-sounding, rural air. Now, despite the differences in speech patterns, their actual behaviour towards each other opposes their language: Ash is much more polite, while Trip is polite and respectful to adults and authority figures except at the height of his arrogance (where he demanded that the old Champion of his region kneel before him...), he is frequently insulting and condescending towards his rival. Trip is reserved and not very sociable, Ash is friendly and outgoing. Ash's over-excitement over being in a new region far from home made for a terrible first impression, as he made rookie mistakes in front of then-beginning trainer Trip, and Pikachu was suffering from a Legendary-born thunderstorm which rendered it incapable of using Electric attacks for a time. So, Trip mocked Ash for his mistakes, despite being initially impressed by seeing a foreign Pokemon, and proceeded to make jabs at Ash's town, calling it the boonies and wondering if that's the way everyone behaved in Kanto.

He is shown be a very inconsistent person in terms of behaviour. It is hard to anticipate what he might do or say in a certain situation because he is very taciturn and does things that seem counter to his nature entirely on a whim (he disrespects Ash early on and looks down on him for losing to him on Trip's first day of his journey regardless of the Legendary interference that led to Ash's Pikachu temporarily being unable to use Electric Attacks because Trip didn't see that happen, but he also decides to imitate Ash's battling style in their third battle and makes it very clear to him that he's trying it out!).
The boy acts like an insufferable know-it-all and can be very condescending, but he's not above learning from someone he seems to look down on, and just in general, he'll say one thing and do another. Very inconsistent, very difficult-to-pin-down, because he's not sure what he's going to do yet and has only been on his journey for a relatively short while and, more importantly, is still developing his own personality too. All he's really going off of is (possibly grossly misunderstood) childhood advice to seek strength and grow up quickly. He tries to act like he knows more than he really does, more confident and sure of himself than he really is, but he knows he needs to grow and change, so he's not shy about adapting his style and learning new things, as long as he's convinced they won't interfere with his personal growth (... unfortunately, friendship and building trust seems to be something he filed away as an impediment for a long time), otherwise, he wouldn't have been carrying that camera around to record his journey. And he does recognize it as a journey on which he should grow and change and normally, although he's very confident, he doesn't think he has nothing left to learn from anyone else except for when his arrogance reached its peak just before his crushing defeat.

Trip fears inadequacy, weakness, falling short of expectations (his own or others). As an extension of the former, laying his true feelings bare and any other form of emotional vulnerability would likely unsettle him deeply. Expressing affection is not exactly something he fears, so much as something that he is not very comfortable with although he is making an effort to overcome it for the sake of others, it can render him unusually timid. His social skills are somewhat lacking due to his inwardly-focused personality and fixation on gaining strength; his recognition of boundaries is weak, althoug he is more likely to err on the side of caution now. His icy pragmatism makes him seem quite ruthless. Cynical, will commit cruel acts if he believes there's no other way to resolve matters, but in truth, he does not make too much of an effort to find gentler means owing to said cynicism. When engaged on a subject he's passionate about (namely Alder), he reverts to very childish behaviour, so if any argument occurs, there'll be pushing, shoving, and shouting; he'll seem like an entirely different person!

He doesn't take pictures just to remember experiences and places or the way he felt about them, but also to learn from; as he used pictures to help Ash find out what was preventing Oshawott from successfully performing an attack.

A Trainer's choice of Pokemon speaks volumes about their character, particularly in this universe where they are living, breathing companions who tightly bond with their trainers and can adapt and grow to succeed even where game mechanics would ensure failure out of sheer dedication and determination. So Pokemon teams are decided by choice, rather than necessity alone. It's said that Pokemon grow to resemble their trainers, but the reverse can also be true. Trip seems to favour Pokemon that convey a similarly proud, even regal air (his starter Pokemon, Snivy, is called Serperior in his final form and he is literally a smug snake) and his Tranquill is male, marked by showy feathers which they love to flaunt; this fits in well both with Trip's love of putting on airs, proud personality, and fashion sense. Ash also trains a Snivy and a Tranquill of his own, although his is the more plainly coloured female and his Snivy never chooses to evolve. This marks the two as rivals and counterparts of a sort very early on and Trip's Serperior and Ash's Snivy have their own rivalry apart from their trainers' (particularly on, when Trip is wholly uninterested in battling Ash). Trip trains a pampered, babyish little Vanillite, possibly in imitation of and tribute to his childhood hero Alder who trains a Vanilluxe, its evolved form. Trip rarely ever uses it in battle and coddles it somewhat; it's unevolved for as far as we know and has never been in any of the tournaments or major battles he's taken part of, likely due to either its apparent inexperience, sensitivity (although that seems to be more Trip getting offended on its behalf than Vanillite really finding Iris' comments about Ice Types offensive...), and link to his childhood memories of Alder.

As for the many contradictions involved with Vanillite and his attitude towards it, it's worth remembering that just as older Alder focuses on living in the moment, Trip is very much focused on the past. He cherishes it and dwells on it in memories and photographs. Trip is a very sentimental person despite his harsh coldness in battle and Vanillite, being the pre-evolutionary form of one of Alder's Pokemon, in addition to its appearance (a babyish creature that resembles confectionary), all tie it quite strongly to feelings of childhood and it elicits more of an uncharacteristically emotionally-driven, but also protective response from Trip. His reasons for giving it such a treatment are based in his own childhood, while he rejects the "child" label now, wanting to be seen as an adult, he also places himself in an almost parental role for it and sees Vanillite as something to be protected. He recognizes childhood and childhood memories as something precious, not just his own or other humans', but also a Pokemon's, because he is also protective of its own feelings. If it were only about his own memories, it wouldn't make a difference to him if someone said something insensitive to Vanillite. But it did. This sort of response means a lot coming from someone who normally sees emotional responses as foolish and something to be avoided because they cloud judgement.

A Conkeldurr is his strongman, possibly to make up for Trip's more speed-based partner Serperior. This one honestly doesn't seem to fit any category, it seems to be here strictly for tactical reasons, to make his team more well-balanced in terms of Type and strength. He does rely on it quite heavily in tournaments and other major battles.

Finally, the rest of his team consist of Ghost Types and rather sinister ones at that: another regal Pokemon in Frillish, a blue, jellyfish like Pokemon that resembles a fairytale prince with frills and a crown-like tuft (to fit in with the rest of his regal and proud Pokemon) known to engulf its prey and paralyze them with poison, before dragging them miles underwater to drown them, while Lampent, an oil lamp-like Pokemon (it also wears a crown in its evolved form, so another regal type) known to consume the souls of the deceased to fuel its fire, often appearing before those who are near death. Roams hospitals and graveyards.

The more sinister Pokemon (Frillish and Lampent) also suit Trip's change in demeanour in battle and his malicious battling style. While he's normally calm and polite even while battling (provided the battle isn't emotionally charged like the one against Alder), when excited, he does seem to enjoy taking down his opponent in extremely harsh or even cruel ways. And he smirks while doing it too. Although he cares for his own Pokemon, he has a very vicious battling style, and the Venipede incident also shows that he does not care what happens to wild Pokemon who pose a threat to him or other humans. He absolutely won't kill or intentionally cause serious injury to a trained Pokemon (he's not heartless, he's a legitimate trainer), he respects that trained Pokemon are important to their Trainers and it's not the same as wild Pokemon who are attacking humans like the Venipede, but he has no qualms about using tactics that will bring a Pokemon to the brink of death because he takes his battles as deathly seriously as he takes himself and his pride relies on being seen as strong and capable, which is why his earlier losses affected him so badly. Trip is much more ruthless in battle than he is outside of it, as he seems to reserve his kindness for certain Pokemon (it might tie into his sense of pride as putting those he cares about above others of their own kind and/or his pragmatic nature as well, because it would not benefit him to care about something that would not benefit him, cold as it is) and in certain, non-battle situations. His kindness to people is less restricted, as he feels it's also only "basic" that humans would protect and help one another (it sounds unusually idealistic for Trip until you put it into context that he's using it to justify burning a common, non-human enemy: the Venipede). He is quite cold, but very rational, more logic-driven than emotion-driven and weighs his options out based on what brings more benefit rather than being tied down by vaguely-defined feelings and motives like Ash's compassion (pfft, what?). (Except when it comes to Vanillite because it's his baby and shush, don't hurt its feelings!). Yes, it's very arrogant and self-centered thinking, but with a combination of pride, introversion, and inward-focus, it's also to be expected. He's very much focused on himself, his Pokemon, and how they come across, so that's where he puts most of his care. He isn't flooding with affection for all living creatures like some people...

His final League battle with Ash, when they're already mutually friendly? He has his Serperior wrap its tail around Pikachu's neck and suffocate him until he loses consciousness before ordering for Pikachu to be slammed into the battlefield. Serperior, ever obedient, does all of this without hesitation, accustomed to its trainer's style. So even his non-Ghost Type Pokemon show streaks of cruelty in their battling styles, rather than just Trip's favoured Ghost Types who have this penchant for childish cruelty as part of their very natures, and Trip mirrors in battle.
Just as in the Venipede incident, it shows he has a very ends-justifies-the-means approach to battles and isn't afraid to go further than most. So while the vast majority of trainers would absolutely not go to such lengths, it's still technically an acceptable battling style. Ash's Pikachu has been in worse fixes in standard battles before too (Pika and Goliath, Pikachu battles a Raichu, winds up hospitalized with a dropping pulse and heart rate). This was during the league and no one stops him or raises any objection, so it's technically acceptable even if it did cause Ash and friends to worry.

A more general example that simultaneously displays his icy pragmatism which puts him at odds with Ash as well as his innate kindness is when Castelia City is found in a state of total chaos and panic with hordes of Venipede rampaged through it, overturning trucks and cars, sending the elderly crowd-surfing (against their will!), crawling all over buildings, basically, turning everything the whole city into a insect-ridden, nightmarish mess. Trip, who had been recruited by Gym Leader Burgh when he found him passing through, lead an assault on the Pokemon using both his Pokemon and commanding a group of young trainers, calling out "FIRE!" to synchronize an attack.

Where Ash favours trying to find a peaceful resolution that would suit both sides and spare the Venipede, Trip sees violence as the only solution. Ash's suggestions prompts an incredulous expression from Trip, who reminds him this isn't his rural home region and things are conducted differently here. In a struggle between Pokemon and humans, it's only basic for humans to side with one another; this was his firmly-held opinion. Not only did he not care if his method led to the Venipede's demise, but he was also utilizing his Lampent here.

... and, when compared to a Lampent who had yet to feed, its fire was quite large when Ash and friends arrived...

But after Ash convinces the Mayor to allow them to try to reign in the leader and figure out why the Venipede are swarming here, while Trip crosses his arms and acts as if he's ignoring the conversation (even the Mayor reminds them that if they don't get to the bottom of things, the city will be forced to take drastic measures against the Venipede), he looks intrigued after Ash and company leave, because they mentioned seeking out the leader of the Venipede. Trip seemed curious and even impressed with the idea, as he's always interested in a challenge and seeking out the strongest opponents, though he didn't show this to his rival.

When Ash and friends locate the leader, Trip cuts in and begins attacking it, against their wishes, concluding that if the leader were taken down, the whole swarm will go down, but the attack is blocked by Ash himself, an action that confuses Trip, who cannot understand why a human would take a blow for a Pokemon and a wild one at that. Ash and friends try to explain to Trip that Venipede aren't naturally aggressive, until he agrees not to interfere, recalling his Lampent...
However, despite this agreement, when he rounds a corner and sees Ash's Pidove about to be attacked by one of the Venipede, he sends his own Tranquill to save her! This makes Ash smile, but Trip pointedly avoids his gaze.

His actions in Castelia City prove that Trip, despite being cold in temperament and distant by nature, has a strong desire to help others, although he lacks Ash's recklessness and idealism, preferring to assist in calm and rational ways, sometimes to a fault, as he saw protecting Pokemon as irrational atthat point in time. Still, it also displays his willingness to learn from his mistakes and from Ash, despite how much he mocks him for his home (initially... these nasty remarks taper off rather quickly after a humbling defeat later on), he recognizes Ash's skill once it's proven and even attempts to emulate his instinctive, unplanned, and unrestricted-by-Type-disadvantages battling style quite early on, while still in his haughty stage— he also immediately realizes it's not for him and returns to his pre-planned, strategic style.

His driving force is a meeting in his early childhood, with the Champion of the Unova region, Alder, when Trip was still bright-eyed and cheerful without a frown in sight. He met Alder in a festival, was given the privilege of touching and even feeding Alder's Buffron. Eagerly, he asked Alder what the most important thing in a Pokemon battle is. Alder's answer, delivered with a pat on the boy's head, was strength. "Grow up quickly and defeat me."
"So it is all about strength!"

... oh, Alder.

The details of what, exactly, transpired between then and now to make Trip the way he is now are never given, but what's clear is that the experience inspired him and he took those words to heart in ways Alder likely never intended... or were built on principles Alder had abandoned himself with age. Trip certainly grew up quickly, relying much more on calculated actions and avoiding the sentimentality of his peers; he also grew to be someone who deeply values strength to the extent that his relationship with his Pokemon suffer somewhat for it. He certainly isn't abusive or neglectful as some trainers, he speaks to his Pokemon quite respectfully, but there is a distance wedged between them so that he is not as in tune with his Pokemon's feelings as any good trainer should be. Nonetheless, his Pokemon, namely his starter Serperior, love him.

Trip is so consumed by following Alder's advice to the letter that he doesn't permit anything not directly conductive to becoming stronger get in his way. His obsession with maturity is such that he takes being called a "child" an insult to his pride and would do anything to prove his maturity; a very childish attitude in and of itself, not that he can recognize it as such. It does make easy to convince him to do things he otherwise wouldn't, though!

Judging by this series' track record with parents (almost all important characters are raised by single mothers and have dead or deadbeat fathers... rarely, they have single dads and absent mothers— the exceptionally unlucky have both parents walk out on them like Brock and his siblings the dub lied about his mother's death, she was just as bad as his father in the original or were orphans raised in the wilderness, like Iris, or spent their lives going in and out of foster homes, like Jessie ), it's safe to assume that he would not have an ideal family, even if he were the rare exception to have both parents, they were probably emotionally distant, so he never formed a strong attachment to them.
His attachment to Alder which prompts Alder to question him in their final battle if it was possible that he loved him (due to Trip's possessive behaviour around anyone else taking up Alder's attention), as well as Trip clearly stating his reason for battling was to prove himself and his strength to Alder, it's quite likely Trip has no one else to prove himself to and win the favour of, so he funneled it all into his obsession with Alder, a man he met exactly once years ago as a very small child. High intellect, grown-up and cynical manner of speech aside, Trip is still a child and he does behave childishly when it comes to Alder, because that's where he initially believed he'd have his need for a role model, mentorly, even fatherly figure met. Due to his severe (largely self-imposed) isolation, his obsession with him is very pronounced and coupled with his underdeveloped social skills, his behaviour reads as romantic (particularly to adults, Alder comparing him to a fickle woman), even though it is most likely not.

After a number of events lead to Trip becoming very bitter about Alder, as his hero has aged and has proven himself to be a very flawed individual, not the shining example of strength he seemed to Trip as a child, Trip broke down in a battle against him and was crushed by his defeat when he was so certain all his training and studying would've allowed him to beat Alder. Alder also picked up that Trip's jealousy and anger regarding Alder's womanizing meant the boy's admiration ran quite deep (indeed, Trip shouted during their match that he was fighting to prove himself to Alder, to be acknowledged by him), but he gently redirected Trip to focus on building bonds with his Pokemon, advised that Trip's wasn't due to any fault on his end, but that he should not overvalue strength and training and neglect to form bonds.

This talk restored his faith in his hero, even if Alder still couldn't remember him, it was disappointing to Trip, but no longer a source of anger or grief. This was enough for Trip to start to relax and accept Ash's friendship, becoming kinder, in his own awkward sort of way.

By the end of canon, he makes a genuine effort not to say anything offensive (well, intentionally, anyway) to people and comes off more stiffly awkward and shy rather than the rude know-it-all he was in the beginning, although he retains his sneering, cruel persona in battle.


In game, I'd imagine he'd be a mix of both personalities, the one he had when he first met Ash and the one he had by the time they were friends, only veering slightly more towards the way he was at the beginning of canon: withdrawn, aloof, and bitter, but he would not possess that xenophobia and offensive attitude he had back then; he would be respectful and polite unless someone is behaving in a manner Trip deems foolish or infuriating enough to warrant insults. He would be more likely to help others than not, but still remain a very reserved person. If treated kindly, he might even behave a bit like he did at the end of the series, with awkward attempts at friendliness, but it come even less easily to him than it did in his first life, given how much of the attitude has yet to settle into his core personality.

Being without memories would vex him to no end, because feeling powerless and helpless, dependent on others around him, would be anathema to him, because he so desperately desires to be strong and self-reliant. He would feel restless and bored without memories of his driving force or knowledge of his own goal and it's highly likely he will not be able to stay in the same job for a long time, not for lack of trying; he will do his job and do it well, initially with great enthusiasm, but he'll give up when he realizes it isn't what he feels like he's meant to be doing. It's more likely that he'll keep trying to change jobs until he finds something that can be just as challenging and rewarding to him as Pokemon training. But nevertheless, he would also be as insistent as he always was on being taken seriously as an adult and not condescended to or treated like someone who needed to be taken care of, so he would never slack off or give a job anything less than a hundred percent until it's undeniably not for him, at which point he might have to be dragged to work and quit before the day's through and start looking for another one. He doesn't want to be anyone's burden.
It's possible he will get into fights (or maybe just one or two before he realizes he can't take it, having such a small build ^^;) or become an even more shrewdly manipulative person here, because that cruel aspect of his character would not have a proper outlet in battle, but he respects people enough not to really use it to do anything too terrible; he'll probably just use it to entertain himself or get out of things he doesn't want to do.

Without Alder here or even the clear memory of him, Trip will likely subconsciously seek someone of great strength to idolize and try to win the approval of... and because he really does still feel the need to be acknowledged and accepted by someone; he will also feel very jealous if they spend time with others or pay anyone else any special attention owing to his possessive nature and due to how few people he actually cares about... it would probably scare him that someone else might take them away from him, even moreso, in this world where he has no Pokemon or anything familiar. He could become strongly enmeshed or codependent, despite his insistence on being self-reliant, due to his obsessive nature, at least until he finds something else that he can pursue with the same drive as Pokemon training.

Being very inquisitive, he would be drawn to books and studying, but he would not have any idea what it is that he wants to learn so badly, so he would probably send quite a bit of his free time in the library.

He also wouldn't be very happy with his hand-me-down clothes, but he wouldn't be able to place why, exactly... he won't remember being used to finer things, but he might try and break the rules or bargain for something a little less worn-out, see if he can pull some strings, but he won't be too hung-up over it if he can't get away with something like that. He'd mostly just try and hide his wings as best as he could (Hyohko-style), mostly because he'd find them embarrassing and wouldn't want the attention they'd get. He'd think it's a bad joke to look angelic when he knows he isn't; he doesn't even think of himself as a child for how jaded he is for his age, an angelic appearance would feel horribly ironic to him.

Although he has a great memory for facts and strategies and other things he learned from his years of studying before his journey, the fact that he constantly takes pictures to remember people, places, and how he felt about them, and he states it's specifically so he won't forget about how he felt... and his one cherished memory of Alder is denied by the old man (although it's possible that it's simply because Alder is getting old and forgetful), it's also possible that the camera might be a bit of a memory aid and Trip's own memory might be compromised without it. (As such, the memories Trip recovers might be a bit vaguer than most, aside from the childhood ones of Alder). He might take on a new hobby to remember things better, like drawing or keeping a journal. Not significantly enough that he'd be perpetually an amnesiac who cannot form new memories here (he can remember battle strategies he's seen, for example, even without taking pictures), but it might take him a long time to really learn to recognize anyone, at least until he finds an alternative.

He won't remember his Pokemon, but he'll likely be drawn to anything that give off the same feel as his past partners, whether they're real creatures or ideas tied to them. Anything that evokes a feeling of death, that passes between worlds, serpentine and avian creatures will all appeal to him. I feel that he'll be very interested in the birds, because of Tranquill first, even before he learns anything about what they eat or the ideas surrounding their link to the outside world and the haibane's past lives.

Overall, I think he'd be very curious about this world and want to learn more about it and life within the walled-off city; he wouldn't be too much of a trouble-maker, barring a minor rebellion or two and some rowdiness (if he winds up in the Abandoned Factory, then, he'd fit right in, wouldn't he?), despite his frustrations with having no memories and only the pressing need for a goal to work towards without any idea what it is.

Powers: no supernatural powers, but he is a genius (mostly when it comes to battles, but he's also generally of high intelligence and has good observation skills).
he is quite skilled at photography and can capture stunning photographs of Pokemon battles free from motion blur, in an equivalent of sports photography. He's quite fashionable? He possesses very good survival skills, having travelled across the region on foot without human companions. Bilingual (English + Japanese) and understands multiple scripts, including ones unique to his region. Impressive vocabulary for a ten year old? He speaks like someone older which lends to his need to be seen as mature and taken seriously.

... it's all mundane things, really, he's a very normal human being.
Memory bank:

(Memory bank)

Job: library - information clerk (might start of as general help?).

Trip is a very hardworking and driven person, but he is also someone who needs motivation and drive in order to do something. Very much a practically-minded and lazy genius, if it won't serve his primary goal ( ... even though he doesn't know what that is, at the moment ), he won't do it, even if he can. Trip will likely give any job he takes on his all, until he realizes it isn't giving him the fulfillment he's looking for. Then, he'll quickly grow bored, resign/quit/stop showing up and look for something else to apply himself to. He'll likely have a new job every month or so.

Dream: His dream begins with him standing and watching people outside, with a camera. Every time he tries to capture a scene, the resulting photographs are strangely empty. There's only the scenery behind the people around him, but not one person in the foreground of any of the pictures.

He will try to take many more pictures, but every time, the same thing happens. Empty tables and chairs, a few trees and pieces of sky, walls of buildings, no people.

Eventually, he'll get frustrated and think it's not the angle he's taking them from, but maybe he needs to move from the spot he's in and get closer, but when he tries, he'll find he can't come any closer, like he's encased in an invisible, glass box.

When he tries to push through, the walls of the box turn into books, climbing up higher than he can reach, closing in all around him.

Now, he can't see anyone or anything at all.

Trial: Trip's unfinished business is in learning not to let his pursuit of strength and knowledge prevent him from making meaningful relationships, thereby stunting his emotional growth more than it already has; to undo the damage his years of self-isolation have done to his spirit and to develop more of a sense of compassion for others. To no longer use his intelligence to justify abhorrent behaviour. He needs to learn to make meaningful connections with other people. He needs to learn to be able to connect with, confide in, and care for others, so his strengths won't be misdirected or become too self-serving, because he is terribly close to corrupting his own soul solely to become the strong.

His sins in canon include deceit and treachery (when Ash and friends join the Venipede march in Castelia city, Trip listens in on their plans for peace efforts, only to focus on the idea that the Venipede's chief will be their target... so Trip stalks them in secret after pretending not to be listening, just to intercept them and attack the chief because he selfishly wanted to battle the strongest opponents) and a careless attitude towards the sanctity of non-human life (he utilized his soul-burning Lampent, whose flame was growing quite large, until he began to cooperate with Ash...) and such concepts as justice (he was aware of the possibility that the Venipede had reasons for their actions, but stated bluntly their reasons didn't matter, only the outcome does).

Trip mocks Ash's self-sacrificing nature and honestly fails to understand why anyone would do that for perfectly wild Pokemon...

He cooperates with Ash, despite being confused by and unconvinced of all his talk about the Venipede being good-natured, after seeing that Burgh's peaceful method was succeeding. He saves Ash's Pidove from an attack with his own Tranquill (not by hurting the Venipede, but ) and in the process, Ash's Tranquill evolves too. Ash is happy that Trip has joined their cause, but Trip acts coldly aloof and behaves as though he only happened to save Ash.

Now, does this seem as if he's resolved that issue? Yes, at first glance, but immediately before he came to Ash's aid, he stated quite clearly to Burgh and the others that he would let them save the Venipede, "although [he doesn't] understand [their] reasons."

So the issue remains that he does not fully understand why someone would care for the well-being of creatures not tied to them. He states that it's only basic that humans would side with humans in times of need, but he aligns himself with not just one, but two monsters that prey on humans (Frillish and Lampent, especially the latter, as it feeds off spiritual energy and whole spirits). The Ghost Type seems to be his favourite, because it's the only one he has more than one species of. It's simply that his egotism is such that he can justify this to himself,
as if the only creatures who matter are those he cares about and assigned value for being bound to him (either by humanity or by being trained by humans), and therefore, he can accept their ghastly natures despite it going against what he sees to be natural and basic, but wild Pokemon have nothing to do with him, so their needs and safety means nothing. Likewise, both he and Lampent watch uncaringly the first time Ash was hit by their attack, but he saves Ash's Pidove from the Venipede's attack later.

... it's possible that if Trip admires and emulates the wrong sort of people, he'd setback his own development and regress or stagnate in the spiritual growth department.

I also think it would be interesting to have his messy, awkward ways of connecting with others and obsessive/possessive nature to cause some strife and misunderstandings. The same can be said for what he might do without an acceptable outlet for his cruel streak until he finds one.

Ultimately, despite setbacks, I do want to see him grow to care for others very much, but also learn to respect life (human and non-human both), rather than just that of those he feels connected to in some way.


Memories: 1: A memory of festival banners, paper lanterns, a swirl of blue haori in a sea of men, and the steady thrum of drums. His laughter is light and pure as he runs through the crowd, although he's curiously alone, for being so young, and the only child there.
The running stops and he struggles a bit to push his way through the crowd, with no loss of enthusiasm or determination, finally breaking free of the crowd of adults' legs to witness something! ... but the memory ends before he can find out what it was.

It feels like it should be a warm, fond memory, but there was a strangely pervading bitter and sorrowful feeling imposed onto it, a sense of something lost...

2: A massive, bull-like monster, muscles rippling under its tough skin. His small hand, shaking and timidly reaching towards it, quickly drawn away after hardly brushing it. It made no sudden movements or sounds or anything really that warranted fear, but he couldn't help startling. He lacked the confidence, quickly giving into fear and apprehension. He felt too small and weak near anyone larger, an easy target.

A gently persuading, old man's voice, "Are you scared? Come on, give it a try."
So he tries again, hesitantly, this time with food poured into the upturned palm of his hand and is rewarded with the joy of having the monster that had frightened him mere second ago eat from his hand. It was surprisingly gentle, never once hurting him. He decided he preferred them this way: the larger and stronger, the safer he felt, having them on his side.

(alternatively, if those two are too similar/connected...)

7: The memory of a library, reading many, many books. They all have the same focus, the same feeling. They're more like instruction manuals. No clue what they're about, exactly, but they're certainly not fiction. Very dry textbooks, but studied very diligently, as if the world depended on his studies. Even when he leaves, it's with a heavy tome in hand, still reading. He only stops when, passing by a store's display window, something on the television catches his eye...

It captivates him, filling him with a sense of admiration, so he stops for quite some time. None of the figures on screen are clear to him, both the humans and monsters are hazy impressions more than anything (although one side of the two engaged in battle feels much more familiar, but he cannot place who they are or why), but what's clear to him is that the creatures are engaged in a very impressive battle. Blasts of fire, bodily slams, attacks colliding with an explosive boom. Every inch of him is itching with excitement, watching it.

When he resumes walking, it's with renewed determination to study that much more!

RP sample: Test drive thread, Shoot wanders off sometime after he gets his halo, heedless of fever, finds a cocoon the others missed (but is too possessive over Cedar, the haibane he found there, to ask for help), his wings grow in in a dingy bathroom, then Cedar's do too, so he takes care of them to return to the favour and— isn't it awful? :D;;;
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