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Name: Lambie
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Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Shootie (Trip)
Age: 10 (... or rather would turn 11 the day before he drops into the game, ^^;;;)
Canon: Pokemon (anime), Best Wishes! Season 2 specifically
Canon Point: post-series, including meeting Satoshi and company as they leave Isshu and taking their picture in the Da! ending (Te wo Tsunagou/Let's Hold Hands) as it serves as an epilogue for the rivals' stories
World Information: Welcome to the world of Pokemon, where humans co-exist with mysterious creatures known as Pocket Monsters, Pokemon for short, playing, battling, working, and living together... for Pokemon trainers, they battle and capture Pokemon, competing in battles and challenging Pokemon Gyms, to collect enough badges to take part in the regional league! There, they battle and go up the tournament ranks. The victor can then go on to challenge the Shitennou (Elite 4) and the current regional Champion!

The basic Pokemon franchise stuff needs no introduction, but the primary anime-only differences (gleamed from the series and also the novelization by the director of the first series, Takeshi Shudo, only the stuff that doesn't contradict canon/stuff he references in the anime scripts too):

1. Pokemon journeys begin at ten years old. You get the option of continuing your studies or becoming a trainer.
2. ... the Pokemon world effectively treats ten year olds as adults with some restrictions (a Romeo and Juliet clause for relationships, no bigger than a five year difference is allowed, 'til they're 18+). They can marry (that's why Millefeui asks Satoshi if he has a bride, Eureka spends most of her time tying to find Citron a bride then freaks out and tries to sabotage things when a girl actually agrees to marry her brother, pfft), drive, own property, pay taxes, etc.
3. The world has reached a very nearly ideal balance between human progress and preservation of nature. Energy is clean and sustainable virtually everywhere, all solar-powered and wind-powered. Humans and non-humans co-exist in harmony, although there are still some humans who are cruel and abusive to Pokemon, but they are quickly shunned and dealt with— this behaviour isn't tolerated at all.
4. Primarily vegetarian (not vegan; milk farms are gentle and pleasant, eggs with healing properties are freely given by certain Pokemon, etc.!). If they eat non-Pokemon meat, it's usually fish? They can eat Pokemon, but it's not something done under usual circumstances (typically only considered if no other food is available) and the bones must be dealt with in a very respectful manner to show gratitude for the meal.
5. ... probably explains 4 and is an extension of 3 and the greater sentience of Pokemon in this 'verse: humans and Pokemon do marry. The English version danced all around that in the games, but the anime has had multiple instances of Pokemon falling in love with humans and one of the only on-screen kisses we've ever seen were a transformed Latias kissing Satoshi's cheek, so... The anime also gave us this visual of a human/Pokemon couple Pinot Noir apparently married off. Possibly literally. He's dressed as a groom, there's a church, and wedding bells going off? I mean, it's rare, but we do see other human/Pokemon couples later on that think of each other as soul mates, etc.
6. Hunting and poaching has very little differentiation, hunting Pokemon is not a sport and anyone who hunts Pokemon like that in order to sell them is absolutely commiting a crime and it is a detestable, black market profession.

So, what 3, 4, 5, 6 mean is that Pokemon anime muses come built in with more respect for non-human creatures and would be quite shocked by treating them as that much beneath humans. Even old-fashioned farming would have aspects that would shock them (culling?!). Unnecessary hunting would also be heavily looked down upon. At least, initially... the nature of this place is definitely going to lead to gradual change in some views...

Character Information: Bulbapedia + TVTropes (oddly more substantial -- first one under rivals tab), and here's my old app for more detail than you could ever want.

Personality: Shootie is, at a glance, a quiet, level-headed Pokemon trainer, proud and prone to arrogance and snide remarks ("That's basic" seems to be his favourite way to end a mocking lecture), but eager to learn, desperate for acknowledgement, and quite inquisitive, endlessly searching for an answer to the nature of true strength and how to obtain it. He has a difficult-to-pin-down personality, experimental to the point it makes his true nature hard to grasp, often saying one thing and then doing something counter to it.

Everything from his name (a nickname in either the dub or sub, a reference to photography in the original and short for Triple/a nickname for one whose name ends in "the Third" in the dub) to design elements (aside from neutral colours he mostly wears, purple and orange are both associated with arrogance/the imperial family and affluence/wealth respectively) and even his speech (he has more refined speech than Satoshi and initially looks down on him from coming from somewhere "way out in the countryside"/"zuibun tooi inaka" and even mockingly calls his Pokemon "low class") suggests he's well-to-do and was probably raised to see himself above those from a lower class, as well as foreigners. He's quite prejudiced in the beginning, mocking the entire Kanto region for Satoshi's naivete, under the impression it's filled with naive country folk. This leads to them clashing quite frequently, although Satoshi makes several attempts to befriend him and understand him despite his views, Shootie coldly rejects him for a very long time until his issues with Adeku are resolved.

(Aside from xenophobia and classism, he also makes ableist jokes like calling Mijumaru "special... in a certain way"/"talented" for being a Water Type that can't open its eyes underwater and Mijumaru looks proud, because he always takes things things as genuine compliments, the kid's sense of humour is awful... presently, he's trying not to be offensive, so the only remaining humour is probably dark, but not. Intentionally mocking any group of people, as far he knows, but he might slip an insensitive comment unknowingly here or there, because it seems the product of the way he was raised, so it won't go away immediately. ^^;;;)

His proud and dignified air makes the Tsutarja (Snivy) line his obvious choice for a starter and partner Pokemon. Even his straight and dignified posture, with hands at hips or tucked away in pockets at almost all times mirror the Pokemon.

He tries to carry himself at all times as his idea of a mature Adult, but this basically amounts to excessive cynicism and justified cruelty; he believes the peace effort and attempting to resolve a difficult situation with kindness and communication is naive and childlike. He seems to have a low opinion of adults and a rather grim world view, but he prefers it to being a naive child. ... but the truth is, he is quite naive about a great many things, particularly due to his own self-imposed isolation, and cannot grasp, for example, other people's physical boundaries (he makes Satoshi and Iris both visibly uncomfortable by coming too close to take their picture, and every time they step back, he steps forward to close the gap, incapable of reading their reaction as discomfort until Iris has to verbalize that taking pictures without permission like that is not... right...). He is very aware of his own boundaries and is actually rather averse to human touch and becomes very timid and hesitant about things as simple as shaking hands (he does seem to like hand contact by Te wo Tsunagou, though!). His lack of interactions with other people make him easily flustered and quite awkward in interactions at present time, but he does try, although he's still rather distant and stubborn about a number of things (a.k.a. he's pretty tsun, he does things like send his own Hatoboh to save Satoshi's Mamepato who evolves into a Hatoboh in the same scene, then looks immediately away when Satoshi smiles at him, trying to act like that happened by mere chance... ^^;).

In terms of fears and flaws, Shootie fears inadequacy, weakness, falling short of expectations (his own or others), likely owing to being a child prodigy with a lot of expectations on his shoulders. His icy pragmatism makes him seem quite ruthless. Cynical, he will commit cruel acts if he believes there's no other way to resolve matters, but in truth, he does not make too much of an effort to find gentler means owing to said cynicism. When engaged on a subject he's passionate about (namely Adeku), he reverts to very childish behaviour, so if any argument occurs, there'll be pushing, shoving, and shouting; he'll seem like an entirely different person! The mature air about him and his lofty speaking style is very deliberate; his core nature is still underdeveloped and quite childish, despite all the cynicism and cruelty, he has a very childish mindset.
This is best shown in the Japanese version, where his speaking style goes from the proud and lofty (what ten year old uses "ee" for a "yes" while speaking with another boy the same age?) when he looked down on Satoshi, to speech that's even softer/more childlike than Satoshi's (we go from "ee" to an enthusiastic "un!" like going "uh-huh!" ;3;). Even his personal pronoun is more politely boyish (partly because Satoshi coming from a more rural town like Masara, where the rough "ore" is acceptable from him, but would be seen as rude used by a boy of Shootie's standing... so, Shootie uses "boku" which is more deferential). So, effectively, he goes from more formal speech that place him as above the person he's speaking with, to informal and childish speech when he sees them equals. In practice, I try to convey this by having him use more pompous language when he's trying to show-off, especially with adults or people he's looking down on, but when he's being genuine or sees the other person as an equal, his speech will be more casual and relaxed— if something catches him off-guard, he feels strongly about something, or something puts him in a more childish state of mind, one-word interjections or simple non-verbal sounds (because English doesn't use as many onomatopoeia as Japanese, nor have as much child-specific words that aren't so babyish as to make him sound too regressive)...

He is shown be a very inconsistent person in terms of behaviour. It is hard to anticipate what he might do or say in a certain situation because he is very taciturn and does things that seem counter to his nature entirely on a whim
The boy acts like an insufferable know-it-all and and can be very condescending, but he's not above learning from someone he seems to look down on, and just in general, he'll say one thing and do another. Very inconsistent, very difficult-to-pin-down, because he's not sure what he's going to do yet and has only been on his journey for a relatively short while and, more importantly, is still developing his own personality too. All he's really going off of is (possibly grossly misunderstood) childhood advice to seek strength and grow up quickly. He tries to act like he knows more than he really does, more confident and sure of himself than he really is, but he knows he needs to grow and change, so he's not shy about adapting his style and learning new things, as long as he's convinced they won't interfere with his personal growth, otherwise, he wouldn't have been carrying that camera around to record his journey. And he does recognize it as a journey on which he should grow and change and normally, although he's very confident, he doesn't think he has nothing left to learn from anyone else except for when his arrogance reached its peak just before his crushing defeat.

He tries to live life governed by logic, removed from the sway of emotional attachments, but even in the beginning, he displays kindness and concern for others' emotional well-being (but mostly neglects his own, it seems): he tries to offer to help Iris overcome her Ice Type phobia the day he meets her, after chiding her for potentially offending his Vanipeti/Ice Types and making her apologize for hurting its feelings. ^^;

A more general example that simultaneously displays his icy pragmatism which puts him at odds with Satoshi as well as his innate kindness is when Hiun/Castelia City is found in a state of total chaos and panic with hordes of Fushide/Venipede rampaged through it, overturning trucks and cars, sending the elderly crowd-surfing (against their will!), crawling all over buildings, basically, turning everything the whole city into a very poisonous, insect-ridden, nightmarish mess. Shootie, who had been recruited by Gym Leader Burgh when he found him passing through, lead an assault on the Pokemon using both his Pokemon and commanding a group of young trainers rather like a small army, calling out "FIRE!" to synchronize their Fire Type attacks. He does seem to have good leadership qualities, as well, as they followed his orders without question up until he left on his own.

Where Satoshi favours trying to find a peaceful resolution that would suit both sides and spare the Fushide, Shootie sees violence as the only solution. Satoshi's suggestions prompts an incredulous expression from Shootie, who reminds him this isn't his rural home region and things are conducted differently here. In a struggle between Pokemon and humans, it's only basic for humans to side with one another; this was his firmly-held opinion. Not only did he not care if his method led to the Fushide's demise, but he was also utilizing his Lampler/Lampent here.

... and, when compared to a Lampler who had yet to feed, its fire was quite large when Satoshi and friends arrived (the fire is fueled by the spirits it burns)...

But after Satoshi convinces the Mayor to allow them to try to reign in the leader and figure out why the Fushide are swarming here, Shootie crosses his arms and acts as if he's ignoring the conversation, but he looks intrigued after Satoshi and company leave, because they mentioned seeking out the leader of the Fushide. Shootie seems curious and even impressed with the idea, as he's always interested in a challenge and seeking out the strongest opponents, though he didn't show this to his rival.

When Satoshi and friends locate the leader, Shootie cuts in and begins attacking it, against their wishes, concluding that if the leader were taken down, the whole swarm will go down, but the attack is blocked by Satoshi himself, an action that confuses Shootie, who cannot understand why a human would take a blow for a Pokemon and a wild one at that. Satoshi and friends try to explain to Shootie that Fushide aren't naturally aggressive, until he agrees not to interfere, recalling his Lampler/Lampent... however, despite this agreement, when he rounds a corner and sees Satoshi's Mamepato about to be attacked by one of the Venipede, he sends his own Hatoboh to save her!

He claims it's only natural and basic that humans assist and side with other human beings, but he shows through this and his actions relating to Vanipeti, that he does care for Pokemon or at least trained ones, bonded with human beings, perhaps only for the sake of their human partners (aside from his own, who he does care deeply for).

His actions in Hiun/Castelia City prove that Shootie, despite being cold in temperament and distant by nature, has a strong desire to help others, although he lacks Satoshi's recklessness and idealism, preferring to assist in calm and rational ways, sometimes to a fault, as he saw protecting Pokemon as irrational at that point in time. Still, it also displays his willingness to learn from his mistakes and from Satoshi, despite how much he mocks him for his home (initially... these nasty remarks taper off rather quickly after a humbling defeat later on), he recognizes Satoshi's skill once it's proven and even attempts to emulate his instinctive, unplanned, and unrestricted-by-Type-disadvantages battling style quite early on, while still in his haughty stage— he also immediately realizes it's not for him and returns to his pre-planned, strategic style.

He also does have his own selfish motivations for his actions too, as he admits, at least to himself, he attacked the head Fushide for the challenge. He makes no pretense about it being solely for the city's sake. But he doesn't have to, because he holds no misconceptions about his own nature: he does not believe he is good, so even if he is called out for his injustice by the Hiun Gym Leader, Artie/Burgh, he doesn't bat an eyelid, let alone have a moral dilemma. He has already accepted that he is not good; nothing anyone says about him will shock him. Even if he has good motivations sometimes and can justify his own action for them, he does not need "greater good" justifications, because he recognizes his inherent selfishness too... but it's easier to act when you can justify things to yourself, isn't it? And he did believe it was the only way, he wasn't being cruel for the fun of it (he's a legitimate trainer, he has boundaries he won't cross!)...

He is also a very book-smart child prodigy (referred to as such in one of Don George's tournaments), hence why he does so well from the first day of his journey (aside from sheer luck in Zekrom's interference causing Pikachu's Electric Type attacks to be temporarily blocked, giving him the upper hand in his first battle, and his Starter Tsutarja knowing Grass Mixer/Leaf Tornado), having dedicated the years leading up to his journey to studying Pokemon and battle strategies. He makes use of Pokemon's innate abilities such as Cursed Body and Super Luck, and is good with by-the-book strategies like type matchups. His weakness is in anything unexpected, non-standard. Bell/Bianca easily defeats him after shocking him with using his own Roubushin/Conkeldurr's weapons against it.

In the beginning, he keeps his distance and shuns relationships of any kind, even reciprocating his own Pokemon's affections (but he doesn't discourage it, letting Jalorda wrap around him, for example— but he wasn't returning the affection, either), for a very long time believing they were detriminal to his own personal growth. A scene that subtly highlights this is when we see various trainers eating in the Pokemon center, either with their human friends or their Pokemon at the same table... and Shootie is off on one table, eating alone, with no humans or Pokemon around him. When Satoshi tries to be friendly, he rejects him quite harshly and tells him to care only about himself and how he'll do in this competition.

The reason for much of his singularly focused on battle and self-development and the driving force of his journey is a meeting in his early childhood, with the Champion of the Isshu/Unova region, Adeku/Alder, when Adeku was still bright-eyed and cheerful child without a frown in sight. He met Adeku in a festival, was given the privilege of touching and even feeding his Bouffalant/Buffron. Eagerly, he asked Adeku what the most important thing in a Pokemon battle is. Adeku's answer, delivered with a pat on the boy's head, was to have lots of battles and acquire strength. "Grow up quickly and defeat me."
"So it is all about strength!"

The details of what, exactly, transpired between then and now to make Shootie the way he is now are never given, but what's clear is that the experience inspired him and he took those words to heart in ways Adeku likely never intended... or were built on principles Adeku had abandoned himself with age. Shootie certainly grew up quickly, relying much more on calculated actions and avoiding the sentimentality of his peers; he also grew to be someone who deeply values strength to the extent that his relationship with his Pokemon suffer somewhat for it. He certainly isn't abusive or neglectful as some trainers, he speaks to his Pokemon quite respectfully, but there is a distance wedged between them so that he is not as in tune with his Pokemon's feelings as any good trainer should be. Nonetheless, his Pokemon, namely his starter Jalorda, love him.

Shootie is so consumed by following Adeku's advice to the letter that he doesn't permit anything not directly conductive to becoming stronger get in his way. His obsession with maturity is such that he takes being called a "child" an insult to his pride and would do anything to prove his maturity; a very childish attitude in and of itself, not that he can recognize it as such. It does make easy to convince him to do things he otherwise wouldn't, though!

Judging by this series' track record with parents (almost all important characters are raised by single mothers and have dead or deadbeat fathers... rarely, they have single dads and absent mothers— the exceptionally unlucky have both parents walk out on them like Takeshi/Brock and his siblings the dub lied about his mother's death, she was just as bad as his father in the original; or were orphans raised in the wilderness, like Iris; or spent their lives going in and out of foster homes, like Musashi/Jessie; or were abusive and manipulative, like Kojiro/James' parents who tried to marry him off to the whip-happy Rumika/Jessiebelle who had a torture chamber in order to "educate him"...), it's safe to assume that he would not have an ideal family, even if he were the rare exception to have both parents, they were probably emotionally distant, so he never formed a strong attachment to them. His attachment to Adeku which prompts Adeku to question him in their final battle if it was possible that he loved him, as well as Shootie clearly stating his reason for battling was to prove himself and his strength to Adeku, it's quite likely Shootie has no one else to prove himself to and win the favour of, so he funneled it all into his obsession with Adeku a man he met exactly once years ago as a very small child.

High intellect, grown-up, and cynical manner of speech aside, Shootie is still a child and he does behave childishly when it comes to Adeku, because that's where he initially believed he'd have his needs for a role model, mentorly, even fatherly figure met. Due to his severe (largely self-imposed) isolation, his obsession with him is very pronounced and coupled with his underdeveloped social skills, his behaviour reads as romantic (particularly to adults, Adeku comparing him to a fickle woman), even though they might not be strictly so (... he seems to blend romantic and parental affection, which also makes sense given his inexperience with relationships, along with the aversion to touch...).

He also often acts very stoic, particularly in battle, where he shows little emotion aside from cruel smirks and shocked looks (fire flying too close to the stands? Everyone else might scatter and look scared, but he stands right where he is with the same unimpressed air about him), but his persona in battle is different from that outside of it. Outside of battle, particularly if something sets him off, he can be downright bratty and childish, quick to anger, and impatient. If something sufficiently distressing is happening during a battle (addressing his issues with Adeku, for example...), that stoic facade absolutely can break down and has; he can become very emotionally volatile, shouting and gesturing wildly, on the verge of the tears.

After a number of events lead to Shootie becoming very bitter about Adeku (primarily a very disappointing battle and, to his grief, Adeku constantly forgets his name and has no memory of that childhood meeting that is his driving force), as his hero has aged and has proven himself to be a very flawed individual (senile, seemingly unserious, a shameless skirt-chaser who flirts with women young enough to be his daughters), not the shining example of strength he seemed to Shootie as a child, Shootie broke down in a battle against him and was crushed by his defeat when he was so certain all his training and studying would've allowed him to beat Adeku. Adeku also picked up that Shootie's jealousy and anger regarding Adeku's womanizing meant the boy's admiration ran quite deep, but his loss wasn't due to any fault on his end, and that he should not overvalue strength and training and neglect to form bonds.

This talk restored his faith in his hero, although Adeku still couldn't remember him, it was disappointing to Shootie, but no longer a source of anger or grief. This was enough for Shootie to start to relax and accept Satoshi's friendship, becoming kinder, in his own awkward sort of way.

At the league, although Shootie teased Satoshi not to get beaten before he could battle him, he looked visibly upset when he realized they were to battle in the first round. Even so, he asked him, very tensely, "to please bear with [him]," and once Satoshi responds he would, with a smile, Shootie breaks into a smile too. He's very awkward about it, but he is trying to be friendly, and it shows!

By the end of canon, he makes a genuine effort not to say anything offensive (well, intentionally, anyway) to people and comes off more stiffly awkward and shy rather than the rude know-it-all he was in the beginning, although he retains his sneering, cruel persona in battle. Because friendship doesn't change his core nature and he is rather darkly inclined (aside from the ruthless pragmatism, two of his five Pokemon feed off spiritual energy and human souls in particular... Ghost Types seem to be his favourite, then):
His final League battle with Satoshi, when they're already mutually friendly? He has his Jalorda wrap its tail around Pikachu's neck and suffocate him until he loses consciousness before ordering for Pikachu to be slammed into the battlefield. Jalorda, ever obedient, does all of this without hesitation, accustomed to its trainer's style. (Need I mention Shootie was blushing while watching this? ... make of that what you will.) So even his non-Ghost Type Pokemon show streaks of cruelty in their battling styles, rather than only the innately childishly cruel Ghost Types, and Shootie mirrors in battle with some terrifying smirks and sharp, frightening smiles.

Just as in the Fushide incident, it shows he has a very ends-justifies-the-means approach to battles and isn't afraid to go further than most. So while the vast majority of trainers would absolutely not go to such lengths, it's still technically an acceptable battling style. Satoshi's Pikachu has been in worse fixes in standard battles before too (Pika and Goliath, Pikachu battles a Raichu, winds up hospitalized with a dropping pulse and heart rate). This was during the league and no one stops him or raises any objection, so it's technically acceptable even if it did Satoshi and friends to worry.

So, overall, he's quite paradoxical, with a jaded and cynical world view, but innately childish and desperate for acknowledgement. He spent too long trying to grow up quickly and become strong, now that he's starting to become aware of what he lost on the way, he has to make up for lost time (in a way, that's one of BW!'s central themes). He's very earnest and he does care! But tries to hide this with cool indifference until he's comfortable with others, then, he won't deny his feelings, but he won't verbalize them either, mostly due to his own awkwardness. He puts on airs, but his true feelings shine through easily, especially when caught off-guard. He's trying to be nicer and trying to learn how to get along with others, but remains a bit distant, although not aloof. He has a wry sense of humour and can be cruel, but won't hesitate to take the time to help others if he feels the need. He acts like a know-it-all, but recognizes he's still learning, and when asked by Adeku if he thinks he's living up to Jalorda's expectations, he says, "I think I'm starting to."

And I think that's the best way to sum ups his growth, honestly.

5-10 Key Character Traits:

Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, EITHER, or opt for 100% RANDOMIZATION? I'd say fitting, but you know what, something completely opposite would be fun and challenging to work with, plus, it'd suit his kind of contradictory nature.

Opt-Outs: trolls, demons, werebears

Roleplay Sample:

[in-game log/cw: vomit, vampirism, etc.] Trip goes to feed his Lampent, who just had to track down the spirit of someone currently being consumed by a Very Bad Man vampire. Trip is initially terrified, but doesn't judge the monster's nature, and he's easily won over with a bit of charisma?

[in-game log] Trip meets a friend, shows off his Pokemon, learns he made some Very Bad Decisions and befriended a Very Bad Man in the prior thread, and switches sides with some trepidation (he's acting unusually fearful and childish in parts of this, but it's a wholly unfamiliar situation— he isn't used to anything like it in his world and as I said earlier, in unfamiliar and very distressing situations, he will revert to more childlike behaviour, because he is a child and not all aspects of his personality developed on the same level + it's a delayed reaction to the fear he kept stoic in the face of in the thread before that ^^;;)

OKAY, I had other examples that I think would be better to showcase, say, his dry humour or tendency to muse on the nature of strength and the questions he'd ask about it, buuut they're all from game posts from over a year ago, so this is all you get (I haven't played him in a game since last year, just apped into a new game, like, a month ago?). ^^;
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