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Player Name: Lambie
Player Age: 24
Player Contact: [ profile] charcoalfeathers
Characters Currently Played: N/A

Character Name: Trip
Character Age: 10
Wiki Page: Bulbapedia
Canon: Pokemon Best Wishes!/Black and White
Entry Point From Canon: post-series (post-Unova league, sometime after taking Ash and friends' picture as they set off to leave the Unova region in the Decolora Adventures' ending)
Media Type: TV show/anime

Powers/Abilities/Skills: No special skills of his own. However, his Pokemon are a different story...

... but he is partial to Ghost Type Pokemon and might thus be a little more familiar with and not-so-frightened of regular ghosts due to them originating from the spirit world as his Ghost Types do, also owing to him training particularly heinous ones. His Ghost Type Pokemon, such as Frillish or Lampent, might be able to help deal with them, but Trip himself is not likely to be capable of much on his own.

Serperior's moves are Frenzy Plant (giant, thorny roots ripping out of the ground!), Dragon Tail (tail whip souped up with glowing energy for extra destruction!), Energy Ball (spitting out a ... ball of energy...), and Wrap (ever been hugged by a giant snake 'til you went blue in the face? Good times!).

Vanillite's moves are Ice Beam, Icicle Spear, Ice Shard and Blizzard (these are all self-explanatory, I hope— and don't worry, the blizzard move just makes it cold, snowy, and windy in a small area around the Pokemon, we're not Legendaries altering the weather here).

Frillish's moves are Protect (a glowing force field to block attacks, can be expanded to protect others! Short-lasting and difficult to keep up, though), Water Pulse (ball of energy, hurled at the opponent, expands into a ball filled with raging, turning water, they're now trapped inside), Night Shade (eyes glow, dark aura all around Frillish, hypnotic dance and a dark, energy-draining aura will surround the opponent) and Hex (eyes glow, beams of dark energy shooting out and then forming a ball which rolls up like a giant, flaming red eye and worsens the opponent's condition), and his Ability is Cursed Body (try to land a hit on Frillish, you won't be able to use that same move again for the remainder of the confrontation).

Lampent's known moves are Flamethrower (exactly what it says on the tin!) and Shadow Ball (a ball of electrifying, dark and shadowy energy... work with me here, the attacks are't super creative). Implied and headcanon other attacks (we never got to see Lampent's full moveset!), Will-o'-Wisp (little ghostly blue-purple flames flickering around) and Psychic (for levitation purposes and also to telekinetically move objects and restrain opponents).

*Oh, yeah, there's also kind of the matter of tearing open a gateway to the spirit world (birthplace of Ghost Type Pokemon and also where malicious spirits are bound, A.K.A. his world's equivalent of Hell)... any caps on that ability?!

Conkeldurr is the muscle of this team, very strong attacks, he's for one-hit K.O.s, but his defense isn't too great. Very top-heavy. Highly protective of his trainer. Strength is hitting opponents with those concrete pillars he's always carrying around. Rock Tomb and Stone Edge are pretty self-explanatory. Bulk Up raises defense and attack.

Tranquill, another flier, this Flying Type's a very common pigeon-like Pokemon. Its ability is Super Luck (its attacks are more likely to hit than fail!), along with Double Team (an arrary of matching afterimages to confuse the opponent), Work Up (increase own strength), Aerial Ace (an imitation of the turning swallow cut, but using its body while enveloped in a concentrated aura), and Air Cutter (launch a sharp, cutting wind with a wingbeat).

Heroic/Villainous/Neutral: Presently a neutral that kind of slides around on the scale, but mostly towards villainous unless there's a very convincing good influence at work (such as Ash or Alder).
His morality is very, very grey and he's well aware of it. He holds no pretenses about it and doesn't bat an eyelid when he's called out for his cruelty and injustice by Gym Leader Burgh, showing he both recognizes himself as one to be hated, one whose actions come off as cruel, and has probably heard it before. While is actions can well-intentioned (at times), he is extremely jaded and cynical. He keeps to himself, so it's not as if he has some great calling (ha...) to do good, most of the time, but he can be kind on a whim. Owing to his pride, he tries to pass it off as if he'd only happened to save his rival's Pokemon from an unexpected attack, for example, (very much the "I was just passing through" type), but he can be more straightforward in helping people at times.
His kindness is very taciturn, in the beginning, he could be kind to the same person one day, then rather callous the next— this was possibly intentional due to the need he felt to isolate himself emotionally from bonding with others (because that gets in the way of getting stronger! Or so he thought, anyway...), now, he isn't so vehemently against bonding with others, so his kindness will be more consistent with those he cares for (even if he'll still often be very much in denial of caring, aha...).

But his kindness to random, unrelated others will continue to be on-and-off.

He is very much the sort to believe the ends justifies the means. He was perfectly fine with commanding a small army of Fire Type trainers to burn the Venipede terrorizing a city and used his Lampent (... whose fire was a lot bigger than the Lampent we've seen who've yet to feed and given what we know of how this line feeds and the fact that cities are among the places they search for beings close to death... there's an implication Lampent's been feeding on their souls).

He threatened anyone who got in his way, sabotaged a peace effort (because just telling Ash and Burgh that it was naive and useless wasn't enough), stalked them to steal intel which he then used for selfish purposes (he intercepted the attempt to peacefully communicate with the head Venipede with more violence because he wanted the challenge of battling a strong opponent), and was generally awful. However, when Ash proved peaceful methods could work, he silently switched to his side and rescued his Pokemon, so...

And ultimately, he really was fighting to save that city! He saw the Venipede overturning cars, carrying away little old ladies, the place was trashed and Venipede are poisonous to the touch. He thought it was only natural for a human being to side with other human beings in a conflict like this. He does typically have his heart in the right place, that's why he turned without hesitation when Ash proved himself.

He is also never abusive to his own Pokemon (unlike previous ruthless and antisocial trainers like Paul), he's actually very kind and loving to them, if initially in a somewhat distant way. He's very protective of those he loves and demands apologies for words that might offend them!

So, in game, I'd love to see him go either way, but especially a villainous route, since I've played him turning more heroic several times in the past. Removed from his usual good influences, it's going to be hard to direct him away from the evil his darkly-inclined character will gravitate towards. Especially if he finds someone who encourages it or corrupts him, which brings me to the fact that he's very corruptible...

Mentor/Journeyman/Rookie: Rookie! He's not far removed from rookie trainer. Sure, he's made it to the league (lost the first round, though) and won the Junior World Cup, but he's still only been travelling for about half a year (the Deerling we see from start to finish of BW! are in their spring and summer coats, making the journey approximately six months long in real world time). He's a beginner and still trying to map out who he is. He takes pictures all the time to record his journey and keep track of every important step, he makes conscious decisions to model after people and imitate them (Ash), he adopts idealogies (Alder in the past).

He's very young and impressionable and he fully acknowledges this!

His goal is and has always been to become strong. Strong enough to defeat Alder in the battle he was promised in his childhood (although Alder forgot this promise, their meeting, and even Trip's identity in his old age, it remains the single most strongest driving force of Trip's entire character).

To that end, he will do just about anything! Except intentionally seriously hurt those he cares about. He's very adamant about keeping those under his care safe, even if he trains them hard, he'd never do something to cause any lasting damage intentionally.

Even if he becomes more heroic under good influences, it's important that he does not lose his cruelty, cynicism, or duplictious nature, because he is always harsh in battle. The kinder and more pleasant he becomes outside of it, the wider the gap between the two personas, but he still flips like a switch. No matter how close he is to someone, in battle, he is a different person. (By the end, when he's friendly with Ash, he's all friendly and playful smiles and hesitant handshakes outside of battle, strangling Pikachu into unconsciousness and smirking/blushing over it in battle because that's his battling style— he's a real piece of work, lemme tell you).

Which Area(s) Of The City Interest You For Your Character? The City of Nightmares, the City of Adventures, and the City of Shadows in that order.
He has a preference for ghosts and seeks out and trains the most unsettling and ominous ones at there. He'd love a place full of curses and creepy beasties! He'd have a lot of fun in a place like that, but he's also typically respectful of spirits, so he won't be too much of a nuisance. He could be very helpful! Lampent could exorcise things if need be, since it can draw spirits out.

He's a Pokemon trainer, so the City of Adventure is a natural choice! He might scoff at rural life and prefer comfort and luxury, but trekking through the woods and being exposed to nature and whatever peril that brings is the only way to get stronger, as far as he's concerned! Adventures are always fun and he could build relationships better under those kinds of conditions (he's too proud otherwise). His Pokemon could help a lot there!

He'd be very interested in a shady establishment where he can try and extort information on who or whatever he's interested in and he'd rather deal with hardened criminals than the clean-cut, excessive idealism he might find in the City of Progress. On the flipside, his age keeps him rather naive, he'd end up in a lot of trouble there very quickly until he learns the ropes (or just get laughed out 'til he proves himself or just sulks in a corner somewhere until he can figure something out). Canonically kept tabs on Alder and followed sightings and has leads on where the perpetually wandering Champion's been and we never actually see his sources for this sort of thing, but it'd be amusing. He's also handy with a digital camera, takes WAY too many pictures of random things ( ceilings, windows, etc.), and is a bit clueless when it comes to what is and isn't acceptable, so he could end up complicit in something, fff.

Samples: [musebox/in-universe thread] In which Alder stops Trip from effectively stealing the spirit of a badly injured Deerling because the former believes it could still grow up to be strong, while the latter thinks a weak and dependant life is worse than death

[Empatheias/previous game thread] In which Trip talks about fashion and then gets offended when Kurogane insults Ghost Type Pokemon and is also horrified by otherworldly concepts like raising living creatures for human consumption

*Kid's a bundle of contradictions and inconsistencies, he talks in a pompous way full of unnecessary flourish when he's talking with strangers/adults/people he's looking down upon or trying to impress, he speaks more genuinely and casually and childlike when he's talking with familiar people and equals. Not unintentional on my part, it's a character trait in the Japanese version.

Anything Else?: This has been a surprisingly simple app, but I hope I didn't miss anything big, if I did, please tell me so I can correct it? ♥

... and is Lampent really allowed to rip a gateway into the spirit world?! I wouldn't think he'd try this, but he has attempted this in a game before when a friend died, so.


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